Ansible is a great automation tool for configuration management, allowing an automated means of implementing changes across a server environment. This includes the ability to automate both Windows and Linux server configurations. In general, you can run Ansible freely by downloading the module and running configurations and playbooks from the command line. However, this may not scale well in many environments, such as those with multiple admins, a GUI interface, REST API access, and centralized management.


Nokia’s core business is building telecom networks end-to-end; its main products are related to the infrastructure, such as antennas, switching equipment, and routing equipment. “As telecom vendors, we have to deliver our software to several telecom operators and put the software into their infrastructure, and each of the operators has a bit different infrastructure,” says Gergely Csatari, Senior Open Source Engineer. “There are operators who are running on bare metal. There are operators who are running on virtual machines. There are operators who are running on VMware Cloud and OpenStack Cloud. …

Google Cloud VPC Network Peering allows internal IP

address connectivity across two Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks regardless of whether they belong to the same project or the same organization.

VPC Network Peering enables you to connect VPC networks so that workloads in different VPC networks can communicate internally. Traffic stays within Google’s network and doesn’t traverse the public internet.

My GCP Task Link Shown Below:-

VPC Network Peering is useful in these environments:

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ecosystems in Google Cloud
  • Organizations with several network administrative domains

If you have multiple network administrative domains within your organization, VPC Network Peering allows you to make services available…


Data is growing exponentially as it is being generated and recorded from everyone and everywhere for example online social networks, sensor devices, health records, human genome sequencing, phone logs, government records, professionals such as scientists, journalists, writers, etc. The formation of such a huge amount of data from multiple sources with high volume and velocity by a variety of digital devices gives birth to the term Big Data. As the big data grows with high velocity (speed), it becomes very complex to handle, manage, and analyze by using existing traditional systems. Data stored within the data warehouses are different from…

Task Description:-

I have created Infrastructure as code using Terraform, which automatically deploy the WordPress applicationOn AWS, use RDS service for the relational database for WordPress application.
Deploy WordPress as a container either on top of Minikube or EKS or Fargate service on AWS.
The WordPress application should be accessible from the public world if deployed on AWS or through workstation if deployed on Minikube.

Let’s start with the explanation of the task:-

Firstly, we need to configure our AWS profile as shown below:-

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